MODULE 1: My Temperament, Goals & Success Mindset
My personality type, what to do myself/delegate, setting goals, having a success mindset

MODULE 2: Branding Myself and My Business
market research, merging personal brand and publication, impact local community, make a difference

MODULE 3: Marketing
Facebook, Twitter, Email marketing, networking, hosting events, media kit, ad sales promotions

MODULE 4: Printing and Distribution
terminology, lingo, choices in paper quality, quantity, size, printer quote fine print

MODULE 5: Advertising Sales*

MODULE 6: Money
software recommendations, invoicing, billing, contracts, credit cards, recurring revenue, rate card

MODULE 7: Local Content, Photography & Editorial Plans
creating editorial calendar, finding free content, paying freelance writers, writers’ guidelines, trading with local photographers, choosing images, editorial topic ideas

MODULE 8: Going Digital
software recommendations, terminology, banner ads, articles archive blog, email reader list

MODULE 9: Good Design & Layout, Cover Design, Production and Ad Design
software recommendations, classes, finding freelancers, costs, ad design process, layout hacks

BONUS MODULE: Additional Products and Streams of Income
maps, visitors’ guides, directories, postcards, coupons, email marketing, inserts, newsletters, civic sponsorships, digital brochures

*Advertising Sales Module is broken into several parts with additional resources and outside links to continue training beyond this course.