Email Marketing

5 Things: Keys to Fabulous Emails

If you want your subscribers to look forward to your emails, you should consider behaving more like a friend. You know, like, and trust your friends … right? Try toning down that corporate look, and create a more minimalist email design. Write in a conversational, respectful voice.

Follow these 5 magnificent tips for friendly, eagerly anticipated emails:

  1. Stop talking about your list. Stop talking about subscribers. Write as if you’re emailing one person only. It instantly makes your emails more personal.
  2. Quit wasting people’s time. Only email when you have something truly valuable or helpful to say.
  3. Be useful. Don’t just email when you need something from your readers. Be helpful. Be generous. Be friendly. Be like real friend.
  4. Don’t be creepy. Feel free to personalize emails, but don’t repeat people’s name too often, because it makes you sound like a call center script.
  5. Give people a reward for readingMake sure people benefit from reading your emails. How? Share a useful tip. Make them feel better. Inspire them.

Have a great day, y'all!