Ad Design

K.I.S.S. in Ad Design (please)

The initial ad or postcard is to introduce your business in the hopes the reader will want to learn more and go to your web site. Putting everything about you into your ad is like meeting someone for the first time who tells you all about themselves, their life story and their current goals and restrictions. It’s too much. Ads are not for “reading.” Web sites and brochures are for reading. Ads are for grabbing attention with images, typeface and color in order to provoke the viewers to want to learn more.

In advertising and marketing, consistency helps convey a cohesive message and provide clarity and order for the viewer. Too much information may overwhelm a passive viewer and cause them to skip over the ad altogether.

As human beings, we look for patterns. We subconsciously attempt to create order out of chaos, make sense of what we’re looking at or experiencing. We assign meaning to elements we see are repeated. An ad with too many variations and too much information defies this basic human trait and we move on to the next page without much thought— or even a negative thought. The last thing we want your ad to do is evoke a negative response.