Shop Local

Small Business Saturday in 5 Days!

Most any local small business would benefit from advertising in our magazines. But, there are a lot of other local options these businesses can choose among.  Coupon magazines, full-size high gloss magazines, Facebook, Blogging, sponsoring special events, radio, billboard, signage, and direct mail are all excellent ways to reach local customers.

The day of the Groupon deal of the day advertising has waned to almost nothing. (thank goodness—in hindsight this was not good for small business)

At LLP our focus is you, the small business owner. We want to help your drive as many local customers as possible to your organization. Of course we’d love for you to advertise with us; but we’ll use this blog to educate local marketers on how to use all available means of marketing locally.

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY is in five days, November 28th

American Express encourages small business owners to take charge of the day, helping them promote their businesses with free personalized ads, which appeared millions of times across the web. We received our free box of marketing materials delivered via fedex complimentary! 50 tote bangs, banners, balloons, pens, flags, door mats and more.  AMEX really puts a lot into this day each year.

We love Small Business Saturday because the whole country focuses on the ‘little’ guys. We would be considered one of the little guys, too! We do accept AMEX, but we’re not a B to C business. So we do what we can, which is promote the day and encourage our readers to shop locally for Hanukkah and Christmas.

At LLP we commit to shop local as much as possible this holiday season. Shopping local supports our customers. And we’re all about that.