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I am creative entrepreneur and accidental salesperson with 25 years’ experience working with small, local business owners to help them connect with local customers through appropriate advertising mediums.

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Growing up in Alpharetta, Georgia, I attended St Pius X High School in Atlanta and graduated from the University of Georgia with a Journalism degree, specializing in magazines and Psychology.

Ninth out of 11 children in a family of athletes, doctors, lawyers, artists, teachers and entrepreneurs, I internalized the values of of my parents and siblings through persistence, striving for excellence, a competitive streak and an imaginative mind. I get the most satisfaction in my work collaborating with my team on each project we accept.

My career has included local advertising sales and marketing for such titles as Modern BrideGlamourAllureVogue and Bon Appetit. I helped grow the local customer base for America Online's hyper-local digital news effort, “Patch.com,” in North Metro Atlanta by working with small business owners to help them reach local customers. 

What drives me during late nights and tight deadlines is my absolute love for what I do; but more importantly I hope to model for my two sons that they can achieve satisfaction in work through perseverance and grit.

My oldest is a Freshman at University of North Georgia and my baby is a junior at Blessed Trinity Catholic High School in Roswell, Georgia. I work from coffee shops and in my home office, with my loyal nine-year-old black lab, Gypsy.


Whether B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We all are emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection.

When I launched my own publishing company in 2013, with one local magazine in Canton, Georgia, my goal was to help sole proprietors and small business owners market themselves to local customers in a “brand-building” medium, which is affordable and effective. I felt the advertising options for the smallest of businesses were cheap looking, poor quality and ineffective. A sole proprietor or small business owner who places an ad in a magazine tells their customers two things: 1. They care about the local community. 2. They are a savvy and trustworthy brand.

Today, I am motivated to share with others what I've learned. I help smart entrepreneurs launch their first local magazine, which enables them to live lives they've only dreamed of filled with flexibility, control over their time, financial and creative freedom.

In turn, these fine new publishers help their own communities by producing local magazines which connect small business owners with local customers. Everybody wins.

I organized all my experience into a comprehensive (and simple) program, a system smart entrepreneurs can replicate which guides them in publishing their first magazine and beyond. The objective is always to help small businesses in their communities connect with local customers in meaningful ways by producing content readers love. This proven system provides the amazing opportunity for a flexible and financially rewarding career for the right person.


Desire is the key to motivation. But it’s the relentless determination and commitment to your goal which will enable you to attain the success you seek.
— Mario Andretti

A Day in the Life

The cool thing about this life is no two days in a row are ever the same. I typically wake up early (around 5am), spend time in prayer and journaling, and then dive into the day. By 3 or 4pm, I’m usually done (mentally and physically!). The boys are home from school. And there’s laundry, dishes, dinner to do.

Yesterday, I was on a cover shoot for the Summer issue of Alpharetta Magazine and then attended a networking function at the Golf Club of Georgia hosted by the Alpharetta Business Association. I learned a lot from the speaker about the changes within the new LinkedIn platform. I spent the afternoon getting a new licensee set up for launch. At 4pm, I walked and fed the dog, made dinner and relaxed with my latest Netflix show.

My least favorite days are spent on accounting. I am not a fan of math. Invoices, billing, balancing the checkbook and pulling monthly reports from QuickBooks, filing taxes, paying vendors…Money, money, money.

Today, if the printer will hurry up and get me the new quote, I’ll be setting new ad rates for an off-size publication we are launching. Then, I’ll spend the afternoon on my favorite thing: design. I’ll design the new rate card and tweak the web site with the latest updates. 

I do try to make advertising sales activities part of each and every day. I made the commitment to keep ad sales a top priority because that is the way we grow the revenue for each magazine we produce. I am always on the look out for new business leads. I send prospecting emails and respond to inquiries from potential advertisers immediately. I can do this from the road, while I'm waiting for a meeting or walking the dog. I'm usually quick to respond to emails and texts from potential advertisers and current clients. 

This best thing about this life is not that I am the one who gets to decide how to spend each day; but that each day I get to help people make their lives a little bit better. And I love what I do. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The road to success is often difficult to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion it is possible to achieve the ‘American Dream.’
— Tommy Hilfiger

Does Any of this resonate with you?

Are you looking for a new job?  Or, perhaps are you working for someone who stifles your creativity or micro manages you? Maybe you are ready to get back into a career now the children are in school full -time; but you’d still like the freedom to be there when they get off the bus each afternoon?

Do you want to have more money to secure your future and enjoy the little luxuries along the way but not by being “owned” by a 9 to 5 job.  Perhaps, you desire flexibility. You don’t want to have to ask permission to pick up your sick child from school, go to your dentist, get a haircut, or attend a parent/teacher conference. You don’t want to limit yourself to just two weeks’ vacation each year. You want to be home for the children in the summers.

Would you like to create a life you can share with your partner, involve your family, leave a legacy?  Do you long to create a business, career and life you can be proud of and have total control over?

If any of this resonates with you, too, then you should check out this opportunity in more detail. I'd love to help you create a life and business you love. 


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